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Avenue Of The Giants Redwood Trees California Framed Print by Wingsdomain Art and Photography

The Avenue of the Giants is a scenic highway in Northern California, U.S.A., running through Humboldt Redwoods State Park. It … More

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Almost Heaven Framed Print by Wingsdomain Art and Photography

There is a place hidden in the boundless skies where the soaring hawk has flown. It is higher than the … More

Before Memory . I Have Soared With The Hawk . By Art And Photography

Before Memory . I Have Soared With The Hawk by Wingsdomain Art and Photography. © All Contents Copyright is … More

See Today’s Photos By Wingsdomain, April 18, 2011 Facebook Fanclub Fine Gliclee Prints from Posters and Tshirts from By Wing Tong of Wingsdomain © All … More

Stalking The Stalker . Photographing Hawks and Other Birds of Prey by Wing Tong of Wingsdomain

The Red Tailed Hawk in sharp pursuit with its piercing yellow eyes finds its prey. Unfortunately, the prey on this … More