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The Old Pierce Point Ranch At Foggy Point Reyes California Framed Print by Wingsdomain Art and Photography

Pierce Point Ranch (also known as Pierce Ranch ) is a former dairy farm in Marin County, California. The plant … More

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Cow 138 Framed Print by Wingsdomain Art and Photography

In 2002, six historic Shafter / Howard era dairies are operating in the park. An additional nine occupied historic ranches … More

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International Harvester Mccormick Farmall Farm Tractor Framed Print by Wingsdomain Art and Photography

In 1926, IH’s Farmall Works began production in a new plant in Rock Island, Illinois, built solely to produce the … More

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Yesterday Came Early . Tomorrow Is Almost Over by Wingsdomain Art and Photography

Autumn returns much too early in the cool night air. The days of old have already been swept by the … More

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Buy Museum Quality Art Prints And Enjoy Some Wine For The Entire Month Of July 2014!

© All Contents Copyright Buy Museum Quality Art Prints And Enjoy Some Wine! Throughout the entire month of July 2014 … More

New For 2012 . Retro Style Photo Art . By

New For 2012 . Retro Style Photo Art . By © All Contents Copyright is based in the … More

Napa Valley Vineyard in Autumn Colors 2 . by

“Napa Valley Vineyard in Autumn Colors 2” by © All Contents Copyright is based in the San Francisco … More

Lost In America . By

A maiden weeps in this vast land that feeds a nation. Wall Street stalls, it’s a Bear. The sky opens … More

Yesterday Came Early, Tomorrow Is Almost Over . By

Autumn returns much too early in the cool night air. The days of old have been swept by the wind … More

The Pumpkin Patch, When Nobody Is Looking by

Ever wonder why sometimes you hear a sudden sound and you turn to look but you can’t find where the … More