How To Decide Between Framed Prints, Canvas Prints, and Metal Prints For Your Next Interior Decor Project by Wingsdomain Art and Photography


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So you are looking to find that perfect piece of art print for your home, office space, retail space, hotel, school or other institutions. You’ve narrowed it down to a few artworks that you like, but now comes the hard part, should you go with framed prints, canvas prints, or metal prints? Good question, and luckily alot of the challenges in picking the right type of print can be overcome by understanding the characteristics of each type of print and how those characteristics can influence the mood of the artwork print and thus the room the print will be hung in. So in this blog, I will take on the challenge of defining those characteristics and discuss the mood they will invoke and what resulting ambiance they will give to your room, whether it be your your home, office space, retail space, hotel, school or other institutions.


Framed Print

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A framed print is probably the most flexible print type of the three because the frame can change the mood of the artwork depending on the type of frame you choose to match the mood of the room or to match certain characteristics of the room like color, furniture, and style, though you would probably want to keep the frame style close to the subject style of your artwork print since a frame also acts to compliment the artwork itself, so you don’t want to overpower it. But first, a few pointers about framed prints. Whenever you put an artwork print in a frame and thus behind glass or premium clear acrylic, you should always add a mat board. The mat board acts both as a nice clean border around your artwork print as well as keep the glass or premium clear acrylic from being directly in contact with the print itself thus prolonging the life of the print. In addition, the print should be mounted on a rigid surface like foamcore backing to prevent the print from slacking especially for any sizeable print, and the rigidity of the foamcore is good to avoid warping through time. Note, all framed prints are done this way using premium clear acrylic and foamcore backing. Now back to the frames themselves. offers a wide selection of frames that will match and compliment any artwork print and the room the artwork will reside in.  In addition, you can buy just the print itself and have your local frame shop do the framing.  Below are 4 sample of frames that all have different characteristics, which one you choose will depend on your personal taste as well as the space you will showcase the artwork in.


Black Border Frame

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The simplest of frames will be the black border frame which will be neutral to most artworks as well as the room itself and will serve most design purposes and help accentuate the artwork without overpowering it.  The mood it invokes is just that, simplicity, minimalist, and modern which will match most rooms without having to think too much about it.  The main purpose of the black border frame is to draw the viewer into the artwork and keep the focus on the artwork.  It will match most room colors and furnitures.


Contemporary Frame



A more contemporary frame adds character and gives the artwork a stylized mood.  The purpose of the frame is still to accentuate the artwork print, but with a little more flare, it also compliments the artwork much more than the black border frame.  But this is where it gets tricky, the frame having strong characteristics of its own will also affect the space you put it in in addition to the ambiance the artwork is already providing.  So you’ll now have to take into more consideration the room’s design, décor, color, furniture and so forth.  You would want this contemporarily framed artwork in a room of similar contemporary ambiance, otherwise it will clash and be in conflict and may stand out more than you would want.  The best artwork and frame combination for any space is one that compliments that space without taking it over.


Cottage Folk Frame



A Cottage Folk Frame is what I consider a frame that accentuates the frame’s wood texture and may have other adornments like this one which has a dotted inner pattern.  This type of frame is best for a room or cottage that has a country feel, or if you want to give a space that country cottage ambiance, whether it be your  home, office space, retail space, hotel, school or other institutions.  Now of course this has to be done in accordance with a larger master concept that incorporates other room colors and furniture with the same country/cottage elements as part of that space design.  If your space is already a cottage, in the countryside, or was decorated with those countryside cottage elements, then you’re good to go.


Traditional Frame



Traditional Frames are often marked by its gold color but may come in other colors as well.  It is a frame best suited for a formal space that’s designed with elegant traditional furniture, but most spaces will take artwork in traditional frames pretty well.  It does not overpower the artwork nor the space but does command a certain respect.  Traditional frames have been used extensively in fine art galleries, and is oftentimes seen holding together renaissance and impressionist artwork.  But even though it has that austere quality, it has an elegant charm and is oftentimes used to enhance the most common of spaces.  And that goes hand in hand with today’s museums where it was once the realm of the upper class, a lot of modern and fine art museums now cater to the average Joe, the families and their kids, where formal wear is not a requirement.  An artwork print in a traditional frame will add a certain ambiance of respect and elegance to any room.  It is actually a very flexible combination that will feel right at home in most spaces.



Canvas Print

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Canvas prints are very popular these days, they give your space that classic art gallery feel without being too stuffy.  Canvas prints will help dress up any room giving it a focal point or multiple focal points when more than one canvas is presented.  The texture of the canvas will soften up a space with a subtle glossy or matte finish giving off an appealing sheen and a warming and inviting ambiance.  Canvas prints are my favorite, it seldom competes with a room and most certainly will enhance it.  They can be casually hung without a frame or be made more formal by adding a frame, though framing options are not as extensive as it is for photographic paper prints.  Of course you can still have the canvas print framed at your local framing shop of choice.  Every artwork you see at can be printed on canvas.   Canvas prints come in four wrap types in addition to just having it unwrapped and rolled in a tube which you can then have mounted on stretcher bars at your local art store.  But with any of the four wrap types we offer below, they will be professionally wrapped and mounted on stretcher bars and ready to be hung when it gets to your doorsteps.


Gallery Wrap Black Border – a classic black edge is added to the canvas which is then professionally wrapped and mounted around 1.5″ stretcher bars.

Gallery Wrap White Border – a clean white edge is added to the canvas which is then professionally wrapped and mounted around 1.5″ stretcher bars.

Gallery Wrap Continuous Mirrored Image Border – The outer 1.75″ of the artwork print is added and mirrored onto the border of the canvas which is then professionally wrapped and mounted around 1.5″ stretcher bars.

Museum Wrap – A clean white edge is added to the canvas which is then professionally wrapped and mounted around 5/8″ stretcher bars.


Metal Print

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And finally we have the stylish modern look and feel of the Metal Print which has become very popular with the younger generation as well as the more progressive crowd of any generation in general, and are commonly seen from hipster hangouts to bar and grills to most office spaces.  It has a high glossy finish that will accentuate any image’s rich colors, and a very sleek modern look, making it perfect for the fast pace of everyday life.  The look and feel of metal prints make it ideal for those wanting to compliment a modern design, or decorate a minimalist space.  With metal prints, you can just give any space an urban ambiance overnight including your home and even old renovated brick buildings or barebones warehouse offices and lofts.  It’s just a very happy cheerful fast and energetic material for any artwork to be printed on.  Metal prints are lightweight, they will not bend (unless of course if you really really tried!), and they are water resistant.  Each metal print is mounted on a wood frame on the back of the print which includes a hanging wire for easy mounting on your wall, they are hung the same way you would hang a canvas.




Hopefully now that you have a better understanding of the characteristics of a Framed Print, a Canvas print, and a Metal print, you can move on to the fun part, and that is actually buying the artwork with a better level of confidence and finally enjoy the pleasure of seeing your room come to life with the new artwork!