Chinese Pavilion Under Golden Moonlight Framed Print by Wingsdomain Art and Photography

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buy,purchase,sell,for sale,prints,poster,posters,framed print,canvas print,metal print, fine art,wall art,wall decor,home decor ,greeting card,print,art,photograph,photographyI still remember those warm spring nights when the innocence of our love met in that Chinese Pavilion under the Golden Moonlight. She was the daughter of a peasant and I was a young warrior with blood on my hands and a hundred thousand men on my shoulders. I promised to conquer the evil world and to return and take her in marriage and away from her life of toil and sufferance. And she promised to wait with her undying love in that Chinese Pavilion under the Golden Moonlight for my victorious return. And so she waited with innocent laughters and giggles that echoed through the countryside, reciting poems she’d learned in school in joyous anticipation for my return. It has been said that she waited 1000 years with her devoted love in that Chinese Pavilion under the Golden Moonlight, as I laid bloodied and defeated on the battlefields that became my grave. -W


Framed Print

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A framed print is probably the most flexible print type of the three because the frame can change the mood of the artwork depending on the type of frame you choose to match the mood of the room or to match certain characteristics of the room like color, furniture, and style, though you would probably want to keep the frame style close to the subject style of your artwork print since a frame also acts to compliment the artwork itself, so you don’t want to overpower it. But first, a few pointers about framed prints. Whenever you put an artwork print in a frame and thus behind glass or premium clear acrylic, you should always add a mat board. The mat board acts both as a nice clean border around your artwork print as well as keep the glass or premium clear acrylic from being directly in contact with the print itself thus prolonging the life of the print. In addition, the print should be mounted on a rigid surface like foamcore backing to prevent the print from slacking especially for any sizeable print, and the rigidity of the foamcore is good to avoid warping through time. Note, all framed prints are done this way using premium clear acrylic and foamcore backing. Now back to the frames themselves. offers a wide selection of frames that will match and compliment any artwork print and the room the artwork will reside in.  In addition, you can buy just the print itself and have your local frame shop do the framing.  Which frame you choose will depend on your personal taste as well as the space you will showcase the artwork in….. Pick here to Read more about how to decide between Framed Prints, Canvas Prints, and Metal Prints.