Black Bart Bad To The Bone Framed Print by Wingsdomain Art and Photography

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buy,purchase,sell,for sale,prints,poster,posters,framed print,canvas print,metal print, fine art,wall art,wall decor,home decor ,greeting card,print,art,photograph,photography“I’ve labored long and hard for bread,
for honor, and for riches,
But on my corns too long you’ve tread,
You fine-haired sons of bitches!” -Black Bart


Charles Earl Bowles (b.1829; d.after 1888), better known as Black Bart, was an English-born American Old West outlaw noted for his poetic messages left after two of his robberies. Also known as Charles Bolton, C.E. Bolton and Black Bart the Poet, he was a gentleman bandit, and one of the most notorious stagecoach robbers to operate in and around Northern California and southern Oregon during the 1870s and 1880s. -wikipedia