How To Purchase An Image License From Wingsdomain Art and Photography

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I’ve received a number of email from fans and businesses from around the world asking if my vast collection of art and photography images can be licensed for personal and business use.  The quick answer is yes.  The expanded answer is yes for all images that do not require a release which is about 90% of my collection with no release required.  But, still yes for all images, you just have to be responsible for those other 10% of images that may have release requirements.

How can you obtain an image license for any image in my art and photography collection?  It’s a simple process.

– Email me at with a link to the image(s) you want to license, or you can also just write on the email the title of the image as it appears on my site.

– Tell me a little bit about your company and how you will be using it, like for cd or book cover and how many runs of the product you will be making.  Or for a website or other promotional items, etc.  What size in image resolution will you need.  Do you want a perpetual or a one time use license.  Do you want an exclusive or non-exclusive license.  Any information you tell me will help make the process go smoothly and fast.

– Once we’ve come to an agreement, I will draft up a license contract along with a sample of the image(s) with my logos on it for your inspection purpose (logo will be removed from final images).  You can either comment on the contract and we can adjust, or simply sign the contract and email it back to me.

– Once I get a your signed contract, I will email you a paypal invoice which you can either pay by using paypal or a credit card.

– Once I get the payment in full, I will email you the image(s) without my logos.