Introduction . San Francisco Bay Area Through The Eyes of a Local Artist and Photographer Series

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The San Francisco Bay Area has always held a certain place in my heart, it is a special place with a rich history and elegance that have been appreciated by all that have visited and an even more profound love for those who have either spent time here or for some lucky few who have had the pleasure of living here.  After growing up in Sacramento, I spent most of my adult life living in San Francisco, and even now, San Francisco is no further than a BART ride across the bay from where I currently make my residence in the East BayThe Beatles sang, “There are places that I remember…”, the San Francisco Bay Area is one of those special places.  In this series of blogs which I call “San Francisco Bay Area Through The Eyes of a Local Artist and Photographer”, I will take my audience through the fabulous streets of the San Francisco Bay Area as interpreted by myself, a long time San Francisco Bay Area local.


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