Charlie And Friends Tries To Blend In With The Crowd 5d23867 by Wingsdomain Art and Photography

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Blending in with the crowd takes a whole new meaning when Charlie and his friends are in town!  Frank is seven feet tall and dons a terrifying green hue with an unmistakable scar across his forehead, not to mention those gnarley wires dangling from his head.  And Liz carries an axe with her everywhere she goes, and she definitely knows how to use it, just ask her parents!  Black Bart is an overbearing foreboding figure and Edgar seems perpetually ominous with his favorite Raven atop his head, is that thing even real or alive? It’s like death is following him wherever he goes!  Marie may be the most sane of the bunch, with that certain glow about her, but I still wouldn’t mess with anyone that has access to isotopes of radium!  Butch and The Kid will shoot you with a six shooter and rob you blind if you snore on a train, and Al can get you whacked just for looking at him, he knows a guy who knows a guy in Brooklyn!  And even though both Bruce and Charlie are about the same diminutive height, Bruce can slice and dice you in 28 distinct combinations of karate chops and kung fu kicks, and that’s not even using his nunchaku!  And then there is Charlie himself, quietly silent to a fault!  Kinda like what neighbors being interviewed always say about their neighbor next door just after having been arrested by a swarm of police officers and the SWAT team, having found 50 equally carved up bodies in zip locked bags in his refrigerator!  “He was always the quiet type, kept to himself!”


This artwork would look terrific on a large canvas, and a print on any other media would look just as stunning!