A Special Gift For The Holidays From wingsdomain.com

A Special Gift For The Holidays From wingsdomain.com

Hello friends of wingsdomain.com In appreciation of the banner year wingsdomain.com is enjoying this 2013, wingsdomain.com is sending a special gift to you for the Holiday Seasons. Please accept this gift as a token of my appreciation by going to wingsdomain.com, find your favorite art and photography and at checkout, use the following discount code to redeem your gift in the form of a discount. Feel free to pass this along to all your friends and families.

Discount Code: MJFRMT

“I am eternally grateful and humbled and I thank you for contributing to my obsession – art and photography”

Happy Holidays! -W

For $4.3 million you can get a Gursky. For $43 million you can get a Lichtenstein. And for just a tad under $120 million, you can get a Munch. Luckily for everyone else, there is Wingsdomain Art and Photography!

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