Lost In America . By wingsdomain.com

A maiden weeps in this vast land that feeds a nation. Wall Street stalls, it’s a Bear. The sky opens up and cleanses the soil, sprouts a plenty, it’s going to be a good year. Europe bounces and the Bulls return, it’s now China’s turn to make it a clean sweep. The drought has come, never underestimate the mother of nature, she’s in control, not you nor me. We’ve been occupied, where will the Bears go from here? Will the Bulls make a charge and clear the air? A maiden’s mom passed on this land of plenty, she’s buried high on that hill where she won’t be forgotten. What goes up must come down, it’s only monopoly money, Wall Street will be spared. This land fed a nation and now it just withers in this cool night air. “Lost In America”.

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Wingsdomain.com is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, providing unique and diversely creative Art and Photography through fine prints to collectors from all around the world since the early eighties. Subjects include animals, birds, landscapes, floral, architecture, automobiles, airplanes, and much more.

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