The Pumpkin Patch, When Nobody Is Looking by

Ever wonder why sometimes you hear a sudden sound and you turn to look but you can’t find where the sound came from? Or from the corner of your eye you sense a movement, but when you turn to see what it is, the movement is nowhere to be found? I was at the old pumpkin patch near Half Moon Bay last weekend with my 6 year old boy and wife. The pumpkin patch have been rumored to be haunted ever since the mysterious macabre deaths of 2 hikers on Halloween night in that area about 10 years ago. The 2 hikers were found slaughtered and beheaded and their eyes were all missing from their severed heads. I thought nothing of it at the time as the wife and boy went looking for the perfect pumpkin with all the other people at the patch while I stayed behind alone in this dark patch of pumpkins and was taking random photos, not really paying attention to what I was photographing. A number of times I thought I had heard rustling sounds and movements from behind me as I stood there taking pictures but I dismissed the sounds and movements to be mice or something. When I got home that evening, I downloaded the photos from my camera and I was suddenly struck with an eerie chill down the back of my neck as I saw in that batch of random photos on my monitor before me something ominous and otherworldly. I am shaking with this uncontrollable fear as I type this message as I can only show you here what I must have accidentally photographed that evening alone in that old pumpkin patch near Half Moon Bay. This is the photograph as it came out of my camera, no photoshop, no manipulation of any sort. If this is to be my last message here, may God have mercy on my soul.

The Pumpkin Patch, When Nobody’s Looking.

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